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Please note this poem contains sensual topics and is recommented for mature audiences.


I close my eyes, 

and he begins.

Plying heat to my muscles,

with his hands,

my resolve dissolves, 

as does my will.

I am at his mercy,

my cells magnetised by his presence.

He creates a symphony, 

a harmony,

of rope, 

of notes across my skin,

as I move further within,


He alone controls the tempo,

the conductor of this orchestra.

Standing blind, 

my other senses are heightened,

like Daredevil, 

except he is the Devil,

and all he asks for is,


My trust, 

my will, 

my submission.

I submit, 

my hands behind my back. 





He walks around,

my ears strain to hear his movements.

I feel his breath on my cheeks,

stubble scrapes across my neck.

He is close, he moves away,

his fingers caress as they bind my arms,

my chest,

and then he pulls sharp,

I gasp,

yes, more.

His fingers are in my hair,


then he clenches his fist,

with exquisite pain,

he guides me to my knees.

Lays me gently on the ground,

and brings up my feet.

He ties up one leg,

and before I know it,

I’m lifted into the air!

So many sensations,

it all overwhelms. 

From the strain of restraints

against my body,

to the freedom of floating. 

From the blood rushing through me,

to the safety of being cradled.

He lowers me down,

to the ground,

and proceeds to untie. 

The process is almost,

too much to bear. 

He holds the rope,

against my body,

one palm pressing tight,

then it slithers away,

arousing the most,

delicious delight.

He unravels the rope,

while I revel in the hope,

that this will never end.

But soon all the rope is gone,

he holds me gently,

letting me savour the warmth,

for a few moments more

and then I am done.