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Mother Tongue Wants Your Voice!

Mother Tongue is looking for Passionate, Powerful, Vulnerable and Honest writers!

We believe in creating a space for Women to speak, to inspire and to be inspired. For the past 3 years Mother Tongue has been a monthly event in Melbourne Australia which showcases and platforms Women of Influence. Now we are going international with our Mother Tongue website and blog. Mother Tongue - Your Voice is your opportunity to get your voice published on the Mother Tongue web-platform. What are we looking for? We are looking for videos, blogs, stories, poems and writing which encompass the Mother Tongue philosophy of Passionate, Powerful, Vulnerable and Honest talk. We want personal stories, global stories, we want opinion pieces and poetry. WE want to know WHY it is important for your voice to be heard. We want to know WHY you think it is important for others voices to be heard. We want REVIEWS, of performers, of art, of your experiences at Mother Tongue or even reviews of other events which embody our core philosophies (P.P.V.H). Who you are? You are a human who identifies as Woman. You are choosing to live In The Arena and not on the side lines. You are someone who is choosing the path of the vulnerable and passionate Woman. You may identify as a Feminist, as Queer, Straight, Poly, Monogamous. You my identify as a Woman of Colour, as a White Woman, as a Housewife, as an introvert, an extrovert... anything. The key is you are are Woman with something to say. How to submit? Email submissions to

All submissions will be reviewed by the Mother Tongue core team. If your submission has been accepted we will get back to you asap.

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